27 April 2014

Back to Uni I go...

This is what revision does. P.S Yes that is Sellotape on my Mac. I may have accidentally stood on it at Christmas, it broke my heart. :(

17 April 2014


Hello everyone!

I am back from London! I had the best time and it was so nice to see my cousins. We had a busy few days which involved a LOT of shopping which I will do a post about soon to show you what I bought! I also went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour which was one of the BEST DAYS EVER. It was so cool seeing all the sets and props and the owl actors! I also got to try butterbeer and it tastes soooo good!! The day after that we went for a little wander into Hammersmith and found a pub by the river and had pimms (YAY SUMMER!?). It was lovely and sunny! We then went to a Mexican restaurant called Wahaca at Westfields and had looooads of nice food and cocktails! 


13 April 2014

Very inspiring blogger award

Hello everyone!

Thanks to the lovely Reading Something New Everyday and Splashes with Fabulosity for nominating me for the very inspiring blogger award! It's always so nice to get nominated for these things because it means that people are actually reading my blog, yay! 

So the rules are...

1. Thank and link to the amazing person who nominated you.
2. List the rules and display the award.
3. Share seven facts about yourself
4. Nominate seven other amazing blogs and comment on their blogs to let them know you nominated them and provide your post
5. Optional: Proudly display the award logo anywhere on your blog e.g. sidebar and follow the person who nominated you.

Seven things about me!
1. I will be going to Spain by myself for a year come September (SCARY!!)
2. I'm not very good with flying! Mainly the taking off and the landing bit because once I had a cold and the change in altitude made me have a panic attack because I thought I couldn't breathe haha
3. I have a dog called Alfie and he is the BEST
4. My favourite A Level was Art Textiles and I always have moments where I wish I had continued with something arty at Uni
5. I am half Irish 
6. I work behind the bar in the students union at Sheffield
7. I burn really really easily and never tan :(

I nominate

1. Meeky

Thanks again for the nomination and thanks for reading my blog! :)


11 April 2014


Hello everyoneeee,

I AM HOME! I'm so tired but I wanted to do a blog post because tomorrow I'm off to Leeds/London. Prague was sooooo amazing! It's such a beautiful city and I had such a good time. I visited various places, The Charles Bridge, the old square, the Palace, the Wallenstein Gardens (where there was an albino peacock!!! Also I never knew that peacocks made a noise, but now I do ha). Below are a few pictures from my few days there :) The weather was all over the place so on the photo below it was actually quite hot but then when the sun went in it was cold so yeah, I don't know why I'm trying to justify my coat wearing but oh well! Hope everyone is having a fabulous Easter break!

Wearing Zara skirt, Ebay top, New Look coat, and Asos marketplace bag
I'm really sorry that my eyes are so small but it was very sunny!!! 

Oooooo so arty...

When I come back from London I shall be doing posts on things I have bought as I have a few things from duty free and I am sure I will manage to buy something in London (What student budget!?)


6 April 2014

Busy busy busy

Hi lovelies!

I am home from Uni! YAY! It was amazing sleeping in my bed, I forgot how comfy it was! I won't be posting for a while because tomorrow I am going Prague with my family for my mum's 50th birthday! EXCITING stuff because I have never been and our holidays are usually just to Spain, which I am not complaining about, but I am excited to go somewhere different! So I am going there for 5 days and then I come home for one day to have a meal with the whole fam from Leeds for mum's birthday too. THEN I go to Leeds with my cousin for a few nights and then get the train with her down to London to see my other cousin. I will be back home on the 17th! Sooooo I will probably be quiet for a while but will have lots of things to share when I get back I hope! ALTHOUGH I DID LEAVE MY CAMERA AT UNI... I knew I had forgotten something! :( 

I will share with you a little thing I bought yesterday. My makeup collection is becoming too big for my makeup bag (below is only a selection!)....

...soooooo I bought a new one! It was only £4 from Primark and it's pretty big and it's pretty! It is actually a wash bag but oh well!

So I will write again after my busy few weeks! 

Oh, I also forgot to mention I have changed the name of my blog! I wanted something with my name in and decided on 'Keep up with Katie'. Bloglovin were very quick to change my URL on the website so that was great!


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