27 July 2016

The best day | I graduated!

After four years of hard work, fun, tears, pop tarts nights out, broom hill friery's, hills, hours in the IC, Spanish livin' and amazing memories with friends... I HAVE GRADUATED.


24 July 2016

Simple and Elegant | Daniel Wellington

After losing my watch on a night out (cry) I was without a watch for sooooo long because I just didn't get round to buying another one. I had been lusting over the Daniel Wellington watches for awhile...


20 July 2016

Makin' Mojitos | Summer cocktail

IT'S SO WARM TODAAAAAY. (Or at least it is when I am writing this, it's probably raining by now!). Tonight me and my fam decided to have cocktails and a BBQ, and my favourite cocktail is the classic mojito.

17 July 2016

NYX picks

My friend had been raving a lot about the NYX liquid lipsticks so I thought I would buy some to see what they are like! I bought Bedtime Flirt (lol), Push-up and Embellished.

13 July 2016

City In Photos | Barcelona

I have been meaning to upload these photos for AGES! Whilst I lived in Spain my friends and I went to Barcelona for a weekend break and it was truly lovely. Such a beautiful city and full of character! Enjoy my pictures!

10 July 2016

Life update

So basically I have been completely absent from blogging for too long so I thought it was time to get back into it. As I have been away for so long I thought I would do a little life update!


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