4 October 2016

Beauty | Makeup tips

 Hello, hey, hi. I thought I'd share a few lil tips with ya. 

  • USE AN EYELASH CURLER. They may look scary but they are honestly an essential. The difference in lash length when using one is incredible and now I can REALLY tell the difference. I only started using one a year or two ago, and now I can't imagine putting on my makeup without it! I also use them after my mascara is on and it has tried a bit for that extra length (make sure they definitely are try though otherwise doing this can really ruin your mascara haha!)
  • USE EYE MAKEUP SUITABLE FOR YOU. You may have seen a makeup look you absolutely love and want to recreate, but think for a moment whether it will actually suit you. Take into account your eye shape and colour. I have blue eyes and a pale toned skin, so on me a gold will make my eyes pop but a silver will suit my eyes AND my skin tone. Also, one of my eyes is slightly hooded (annoyingly only one) so winged eye liner is usually a no for me as it just gets so messy! I usually do either a very small flick or not flick at all if I choose to wear eyeliner. When you have some spare time just have a play around with different colours, style etc. - I've just recently discovered that I really like pink eyeshadow on me!
  • LIPLINER. Okay, so this isn't for everyone and if you have full lips you probs won't need a lip liner anyway. Personally I love using a lip liner as it makes my lips fuller and also makes my lipstick look a lot neater when it is on. You can also have fun with a lipliner, and get a shade darker than your lipstick and create an ombré effect!
  • PRIMER. This actually tends to be the step I always miss out with my makeup because I never want to spend money on a primer, but when I have used them I can really tell the difference, especially when I've used the Urban Decay primer potion of my eyes (the free samples with my Naked palette lol), that eyeshadow stays on all day and doesn't crease! So if you've got the extra bit of cash invest in some! I think Urban Decay do a travel size of their primer potion for just £8 so it might be worth testing that out if you're not sure!
  • DONT OVER DO THOSE BROWS. Filling in your brown frames your face and I cannot go without filling mine in. Just bear in mind that you don't want a colour too dark and you don't want to make your brows too close together. I find that using a small bit of wax (I use dip brow pomade) and lightly drawing the top and bottom line and then filling in is the best way. I also quite like a slight gradient effect, but don't over do this either! I also jus recently went on holiday and had my eyebrow waxed and tinted and it was a LIFE CHANGER. Especially on holiday where I wasn't really wearing makeup during the day, having tinted eyebrows made me feel more human as my eyebrow are naturally really fair!
  • CONTOUR. I love to contour. It just adds dimension to your face and I recommend it. I mean, I don't do the whole three different shades of foundation contouring with about fifty brushes. I just do a simply hollows of the cheek, across the temples and jaw line contour (maybe on my nose if I'm feeling really crazy and adventurous). Add a bit of highlight and tada - a more defined face. There are loads of YouTube tutorials on this if you need a bit of help!
  • BRUSHES. Some people like to use their fingertips to apply their foundation and concealer and that is fine. I prefer brushes because I don't like touching my face with my fingers a lot! One tip I will have is to make sure you wash your brushes regularly! I am actually really bad at this myself and I know I should do it but I always forget. If you wash them when you have a shower though it might be easier to remember! I just use baby shampoo to wash mine, cheap and okay for sensitive skin! **UPDATE** - since I wrote this I now use the Real Techniques sponge and IT CHANGED MY LIFE - I've tried going back and using brushes but I just really prefer the sponge! I'm also really bad at washing that though lol
  • THE PERFECT OUTER V STENCIL. Using a bit of sellotape to define that outer v makes it sooooo much easier. It's also a really good template for getting a straight eyeliner flick! 
  • ENJOY YOUR MAKEUP.  Makeup is fun. You can be really creative. Dare to change your eyeshadow colours, wear that lip colour shade you never thought you could, enjoy your creation! If people say you don't wear enough makeup, don't listen. If people say you wear too much, don't listen.  Whether you opt to only wear a bit of mascara or love to spend a lot of time of your makeup, do it for you and rock it :)

I loveeee reading makeup hacks etc, so plsssss leave yours in the comments! 


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