9 October 2016

LUSH Haul | Halloween edition

Omg. New Lush stuff, yes. I picked up a few pieces from the new halloween/autumn range... they're so cute!

Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb

The first product I chose was this gorgeous leaf shaped bath bomb. The colours are so pretty and autumnal and I just think this is a super cute new edition to the range. When I smelt it in the shop I literally thought it smelt like a leaf, but in a nice fresh cut grass sort of way haha! It smells light and fresh and has a quite uplifting scent. When you put it in the water it creates beautiful swirly patterns of red yellow and green and looks super pretty! It then turns a pretty average orange colour, but whilst it is fizzing away it's so pretty!

Pumpkin Bath Bomb

Awwww, how cute is this lil guy. This one smells really sweet and kind of like baking. I think it has cinnamon in so it smells quite warm. It doesn't really smell like pumpkin but it still smells good! It wasn't that exciting in the bath, just an orange colour and it fizzed really fast, but the scent is divine!

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar 

Ok this is definitely my fave from the products I picked up, it's just so cute and GLITTERY. I'm such a sucker for glitter! This one smells quite citrusy with the lime and grapefruit oils, but it's an autumnal citrusy smell rather than a summery citrusy smell, does that even make sense? no. Anyway, I really like this bubble bar and I love that you don't have to use bubble bars all in one go so I have more for another bath yaaaaaay!

Which LUSH products have you tried? & keep your eyes peeled for a Christmas LUSH haul coming soon!

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  1. Looks very well,nice to see you!!!!!!!



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