6 February 2017

Lifestyle | February goals

February has arrived. Thank goodness. January is not my favourite month, it's cold but there's no Christmas. It's just generally quite a blue month. However, it is renowned for being a month of fresh starts and new beginnings - but why not have goals and resolutions every month (even if certain goals may stay the same)!

1. Stay positive. I have my driving test this month. Although I'm not putting too pressure on myself to pass, I would obviously like to so my goal is to keep positive about my driving! Even if something in a lesson or when I'm driving with my mum doesn't go quite how I would like. I'd like to keep positive, even if I don't pass first time!

2. Save money. Booooring but necessary. I'm currently living at home so I can easily put some money aside and NOT spend it on ASOS. I have managed to save but I could probably save some more if I made more of a conscious effort to!

3. Stay active. I'm not going to make it my goal to go for a run three times a week or be 100% dedicated to the gym - I've told my self I'll do that before but I soon stop all together! Walking the dog or doing a quick YouTube workout at home when I can instead of being a sloth is a good start!

I might not fully commit or achieve all these goals, but that's just life! Yet, having something to aim towards makes me more motivated and positive!

Do you have any goals this month?


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