6 February 2017

Lifestyle | February goals

February has arrived. Thank goodness. January is not my favourite month, it's cold but there's no Christmas. It's just generally quite a blue month. However, it is renowned for being a month of fresh starts and new beginnings - but why not have goals and resolutions every month (even if certain goals may stay the same)!


9 October 2016

LUSH Haul | Halloween edition

Omg. New Lush stuff, yes. I picked up a few pieces from the new halloween/autumn range... they're so cute!

26 September 2016

ASOS dupe alert | The Chloé Faye bag

You all know it. That gorgeous Chloé Faye bag that we have all lusted over at one time or another. Of course that bag isn't in my price range, (lol could I be any poorer right now #graduatelife), and probably never will be :( HOWEVER... I happened to find this little gem from ASOS.

24 September 2016

Lifestyle | Let them eat cake - The Cake Boutique

One of the redeeming features of the little town where I live is the relatively new Cake Boutique. It's a small cosy little space where you can get coffees, delicious cakes and healthy smoothies. 

22 August 2016

City in Photos | Palma (& Cala Bona)

I went on a fan holiday to Mallorca this year! I was so excited because we weren't meant to be going and it was all so last minute! We stayed in Hotel Protur Alicia which was just beautiful and had a sea view room!

27 July 2016

The best day | I graduated!

After four years of hard work, fun, tears, pop tarts nights out, broom hill friery's, hills, hours in the IC, Spanish livin' and amazing memories with friends... I HAVE GRADUATED.


24 July 2016

Simple and Elegant | Daniel Wellington

After losing my watch on a night out (cry) I was without a watch for sooooo long because I just didn't get round to buying another one. I had been lusting over the Daniel Wellington watches for awhile...


4 December 2015

Christmas Cookies!

This year me and my housemates decided to get into the Christmas spirit by making Christmas cookies! It was all going well until we realised we didn't have scales, a sieve or a whisk...

26 May 2014

Languages ball!

Hi everyone!!

So exam season is well on its way and I am very stressed! I have finally finished my three essays and now onto revision for a lovely 3 hour Spanish grammar exam and a Spanish literature exam. However, I have of course managed to make time for some fun! On the 16th of May it was the School of Languages and Culture Ball and a few of us decided to go. 


27 April 2014

Back to Uni I go...

This is what revision does. P.S Yes that is Sellotape on my Mac. I may have accidentally stood on it at Christmas, it broke my heart. :(

17 April 2014


Hello everyone!

I am back from London! I had the best time and it was so nice to see my cousins. We had a busy few days which involved a LOT of shopping which I will do a post about soon to show you what I bought! I also went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour which was one of the BEST DAYS EVER. It was so cool seeing all the sets and props and the owl actors! I also got to try butterbeer and it tastes soooo good!! The day after that we went for a little wander into Hammersmith and found a pub by the river and had pimms (YAY SUMMER!?). It was lovely and sunny! We then went to a Mexican restaurant called Wahaca at Westfields and had looooads of nice food and cocktails! 


16 March 2014

My weekend

Hi guys!

I'm doing a bit of a different post today because I am currently trying not to spend money on new makeup etc. until I get paid/my student loan comes in! So I thought I would just tell you about my weekend. This weekend my boyfriend came to Sheffield from Leeds and we went out for a lovely burger at The Harley. They have some craaaazy burgers and they are so good! We then went to Tamper Coffee where I had never been before and had a drink and a cake. I LOVED it, it was so so cute in there, look at the little spoon I got with my hot chocolate! 

The Harley

Tamper Coffee

So cuteeeeee

It was also my boyfriends birthday a couple of weeks ago but we hadn't been able to do anything because he was busy with his show (He's good at acting and singing but I'm just NOT ha!). So I got him a cake and we had a mini pretend birthday! :)

I've also started doing #100happydays on Instagram if you want to have a look! You basically have to take a photo each day with something that makes you happy. I'm really really reaaaally bad at keeping at doing something but I'm going to try with this because apparently you get a free book at the end which is really cuteee! Also I think it's quite nice realising the little things that make you happy each day! You can do it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, whatever! Just click here http://100happydays.com :)

I hope you don't mind me doing a post like this! I quite enjoy sharing what I've been up to!

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